Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About Otel2Go Cloud PMS

  • Otel2Go is Malaysian-based hotel tech start-up makes cloud-based property management system integrates seamless for the hotels with their hotel dashboard. It helps the hotels and homestays to synchronize and update their vacancies in the rooms and in return and to help the hotels and homestays to able accept bookings for the vacant rooms for enhancing the revenue generation.

About reports

  • Unlike the more traditional PMS solutions, we built our reports in a flexible way. Each report comes with a set of filters that allow you to manipulate the data and see it in different formats.
  • This flexibility allowed us to work with only a small set of reports that give all insights into the business that an operator needs.
  • All reports fully export to PDF or Excel, and all exports are built in a macro-friendly way, allowing creative hoteliers to build their own reports delivered whether by daily/weekly monthly
  • Almost every report in Otel2Go has a date selection

 Cloud-based solution

Otel2Go is a Cloud-based solution, meaning that all the logic is built in the most optimal way for the Cloud. You can open Otel2Go on any web-browser enabled device. One major benefit of the Cloud, is that you can access the solution at any time from any location. This means that employees can access is also when they are not physically at the property, so it is important that hotels have a strict security policy in place ensuring they give employees the correct level of access.Connection to Otel2Go has multiple parameters aside from speed, which means that there is no minimum requirement for optimal connection speed for our properties. If the property has a stable internet connection, the system should be working as usual. Even if connection is slow, the system will always work, but in the worst case, it will take more time to load. If you're ever in doubt, you can contact our 24/7 Tech Support which we will always update in case of any known connection problems.


  • We believe that our customer should be at the heart of travel, and we wanted to design a Property Management System (PMS) to support this same thinking. For this reason, we put the guest at the heart of Otel2Go
  • All reservation and booking matters will link to Otel2Go Traveller Profile. In traditional PMS systems, bills are always linked to the rooms, in which guests are booked. So, if you need to open a bill for a guest who is not staying in the hotel, you would have to open a thing called "paymaster" which is a dummy-room to which you can link the charged.

Otel2Go Smart Green Hotel Concept for Smart Cities

  1. To reduce use of paper for Otel2Go Hotel Affiliate Partner Traveller, we will create custom notification for Otel2Go Hotel Affiliate Partner Traveller such as
  • Room Deposit Receipt
  • Hotel Invoice
  • Breakfast voucher
  • WIFI Voucher
  1. When the guest check in (Not register via, front desk will register the guest to the system. As some guest don’t have email address, we unable to practice this but it will be able via mobile number.
  2. When front desk received this room deposit payment guest will receive notification via mobile or email for room deposit notification.
  3. It will include all important details as in printed version room deposit receipt. This will applicable for Hotel Invoice and Breakfast Voucher or WIFI Voucher.
  4. For guest that sign up with Otel2Go Mate them will have all this information in their Otel2Go Mate Dashboard.

 How to Login to Otel2Go Cloud PMS

  1. Go to our Otel2Go website and click Login button or go to link
  2. Enter your email ID and password



At Otel2Go we have develop three level of setting up your properties.

Property Information

  • Property Name: Enter the hotel business name (e.g EDC Hotel)
  • City: Choose city for your hotel (e.g: Kuala Lumpur)
  • Area/location: Choose area/location for your hotel (e:g: Bukit Bintang)
  • Price Category: Choose the price category (e:g:Budget)
  • Place Category: Choose the place category (e:g: City)
  • Accommodation Type: Choose the accommodation type (e:g: Hotel)
  • Property Address: Search your address (GPS Integrated)
  • Click YES to connect your hotel online to our hotel booking platform

 Hotel Description

  • Amenities: Tick the room amenities that offers at your hotel
  • Description: Add the best description of your hotel
  • Facilities: Add the hotel facilities
  • Highlights: Add the uniqueness of your hotel (e.g.: “Muslim Hotel Friendly”)
  • Nearby: Add the nearby location of your hotel
  • Hotel Rules: Add your hotel rules (e.g.: “Check in and check out time”)
  • Property Image: Upload your hotel image
  • Cancellation Policy: Create your hotel cancellation policy
  • Default Check in time: Set your hotel check in time in 24.00-time format (e.g.: 13:00)
  • Cancellation time: Cancellation time in hours from the reservation accepted time (e.g.: 24:00)
  • Direction: Add direction to your hotel
  • Landmark: Add landmark of your hotel
  • Contact Information
  • Contact phone: Add your hotel landline number or reservation number
  • Contact email: Add your hotel email or reservation email address
  • Add your hotel FB/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn and etc.


  • Add photo of your hotel to gallery Please upload 1024X257 images for better quality

Room Management 

How to Create Room Types. Click to Room Management

  • Add Room Type (E.g. Standard Room/ Deluxe Room/ Executive Room)
  • Add Normal Price – Standard rate (rack rate)
  • Discount Price – Room Rate you want to sell online
  • Adult count- Total adult count per room
  • Child count- Total child count per room
  • Upload the photo of the room
  • Click YES for confirm in order to add room number and availability to sell

How to Add Room

  • Click add new room
  • Create room type as room name or room number (e.g.: Laksamana Suite, Chempaka Room & 101, 203, or 508)
  • Create room floor (e.g.: Floor 1, 2). Please Add Number Only.
  • Click YES for Room Status and Room Availability (if you have 20 rooms you required to add the room manually to set the room inventory in your hotel system)


How to Create New Reservation

  • Add new reservation: and Add New Customer
  • Add details of the new customer
  • Add details of the reservations, sources and payment methods
  • Click YES to save the reservation in the system

How to View Reservation

  • To view the reservation, you able to in reservation management and to the reservation calendar

How to check in the Guest

  • Go to reservation details and click check in and you already check in the guest in your hotel

How to check out the Guest

  • Go to reservation calendar and click to the guest details and settlement the guest account and click check out

How to cancel reservation

Simply by reject the reservation in the system via reservation calendar


How to Create Housekeeping Roles and Task

  • Click Housekeeping Staff and Add New
  • Fill up all the housekeeping staff details and Click Yes to make the staff available

How to Create Housekeeping Task

  • Add Room Number
  • Add Housekeeping Staff Name
  • Add task (e.g.: Clean Dirty Occupied Room, Date, Time (time to be clean)


How to add your staff

  • Add New Staff
  • Fill up the staff details and choose the roles

How to add user/roles/permission

  • When you already add staff whether as Front Desk or Housekeeping, the information will be in the system
  • You required to create the roles and permission
  • As each of the features had been categories in the role’s management, it simple for manager to choose to enable and disable to user roles and permission

 Account Management

How to create hotel expenses

  • Add new: Create the expenses name and amount
  • Choose the date and Click YES to save

To View hotel daily income and future income

  • Click to Hotel income
  • Choose date start and end date for the search

Report & Analytics

To view room report and analytics by day, week, month, and year

  • Dashboard for all report details
  • Reservation Report Details
  • Transactions Report Details
  • Room Report Details
  • Staff Report Details
  • Property Report Details

Review Management

How to reply comment or feedback from customer

  • It is auto and sync to hotel dashboard, when the customer reviews your hotel via online through

Reward System

How to create Coupon and Voucher

  • Add New for new coupon or reward for the customer
  • You also able to delete and edit the reward and coupon voucher here